How to Setup a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

If you want to start your own blog, WordPress is the way to go.

WordPress is the first name in internet publishing platforms and for good reason.

It’s used by 1/4 of the Entire Internet.

And it’s free.

While other programs on the market work well for bloggers, WordPress goes beyond simply allowing authors to format and publish posts.

Users can quickly and easily create and publish a variety of different types of websites. Essentially, WordPress offers a complete content management system that can accommodate not only bloggers, but also businesses and other e-commerce sites.

Choose a Web Host


The very first step in launching any new site is to choose a web host that will provide you with space on the internet. For those shopping around for the perfect web hosting services, there is a long list of comparable sites available, but Bluehost stands out above the rest. As one of the pioneering web hosting services and the only one that is endorsed by WordPress, Bluehost provides the perfect complement to any WordPress site.

Use this link to setup your WordPress site for just $3.95

Here are just a few more reasons why BlueHost is a great choice:

  1. One-click WordPress Installation process
  2. User friendly control panel
  3. Reliable and high speed servers for maximum site performance
  4. 24-7 technical and customer support
  5. Unlimited websites per account
  6. Users can cancel at any time. No need to worry about contracts.

And last, but not least, cost! Customers can sign up for $3.95/month for 36 months, making Bluehost one of the most affordable options. If you are ready to get started, have your credit card handy and follow the steps listed below.

Set Up a Hosting Account


Visit Bluehost and click on the link that says “Sign Up Now.” You will be directed to a screen that asks you to choose your domain name. If you are transferring a domain from a previous account fill out the appropriate box and follow the prompts. If you are creating a new domain, enter in your new address. This cost of this first domain is on the house simply for setting up an account!


After your domain name has been entered and accepted, you will be asked to create an account. Just fill out the necessary information.


Choose a Hosting Package


Next, you will need to choose which hosting package you would like to purchase. While Bluehost offers 12, 24 and 36 month plan options, customers save more money by signing up for longer plans. And don’t forget that you can cancel at any time. Finally, take a moment to look over the additional security options your can add to your package for a small fee. None of these are required, you still may want to invest in their features.

Once you have chosen the ideal hosting package, you will be asked for your billing information. Have your credit card ready and type in your card information. After filling out all the fields, hit “Next” and create a secure account password. While you might have your own go-to password, feel free to take advantage of the Password Generator tool which will create a random and secure password that will help protect your site from hackers. Either way, be sure to remember your password or save it in a secure place for future use.

That’s it! Just a few easy steps and you are signed up for Bluehost. Now all you have to do is download WordPress and start designing your site.

Install WordPress


For those who might not be the most computer savvy, the thought of installing a program may seem intimidating, but Bluehost has simplified the process and made it easier than ever. Bluehost’s MOJO Marketplace is especially designed to make it easy to add a variety of applications, including WordPress.

Log into your control panel or cPanel and click on the MOJO Marketplace. You will see a button labled “One-Click Installs.” Click on that button and next you will be taken to a screen titled Scripts and Platforms. Right at the top, you should see the WordPress icon. Click on the icon and follow the prompts.


The first screen that appears will tell you more about WordPress and display a bright green button that says “Start.” Click on the start button and you will then be asked to choose a domain folder for WordPress to be downloaded to. If this is your first site, simply choose the domain name you just created and click “Check Domain.”


If you get a warning that says something about overwriting files, don’t panic. This is just a formality. Continue with the process.

Create WordPress Username and Password


The second screen will allow you to set a username and password for your WordPress account. Again, this is a good opportunity to choose something secure. Stay away from using “admin” as a username and enter a unique password. Click the green “Install Now” button and watch as the installation process takes place.


Once WordPress has finished installing, you can visit your site, log in and start exploring the dashboard. This is the screen that will allow you to adjust the appearance of your website and create completely unique pages. You are now officially ready to start working on your website, publishing posts and taking over the internet!